With the Apple Pull TV 4K, you can watch movies and audio shows in HD HDR and Dolby Atos. Popular content from apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, and EPSN 2. You can only use Siri to temporarily control it. Apple Pal TV 4K public chat rooms offer a variety of viewing, entertainment and communication experiences for your family.


4K lets you take crystal-clear photos with regular HD pixels. HDR delivers vibrant, vibrant colors with a lot of detail. From movies to watching movies to your favorite TV shows, everything is alive

Local language. In the case of the 360 ​​this is sound.

Connect your Apple Pull TV 4K to a Dolby Atom-Snake or Home Pod, and you’ll be perfectly hooked up on speakers, which can transmit the sounds you hear both up and down. Whether due to local pressure in the sand or strong winds, music takes you to the real world. As the first Dolby Vision and Dolby Immos-certified radio player, the Apple Pal TV delivers the ultimate 4K home experience.

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The Paul TV team works with major television networks and other broadcasters to deliver real-time content. Get games on apps like EPSN and MLB. Recent updates for apps like Bloomberg and CNN. Your favorite shows are shown in apps like Hulu, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.


Through licensed CCTV, AT&T TV, Tim Ptim and other PTV providers, they can watch Apple Pull TV 4K channels and thousands of local programs.

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